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AI vs. PRO

How can artificial intelligence (AI) and speech software help you and your business? 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI voice generators compared to professional voice over artist?

In which areas is an AI voice useful and when is it worthwhile to rely on the "human" factor?

 "AI kills the speaker star?!" 


 Hear the difference

​ (audios of same german text) 


 Pro AI-Voice 

✅  Availability: Can be available 24/7 and on demand, without waiting.

✅  Consistency: Can ensure high consistency in pronunciation and emphasis, resulting in a better user experience.

✅  Cost: Compared to a professional speaker, the cost is usually lower.

✅  Personalization: Can be tuned to the end user through machine learning to provide a personalized experience.

✅  Flexibility: Can be easily adapted to different languages and dialects, facilitating international use.

 Contra AI-Voice 

❌  Emotional Appeal: May not match the emotional appeal of a human speaker, resulting in a poorer user experience.

❌  Authenticity: May sound less authentic and natural than a human voice.

❌  Lack of flexibility: Cannot react as flexibly to unforeseen events as human speakers, which can impair the user experience.

❌  Intelligibility: May have difficulty pronouncing certain words or phrases correctly, which can lead to comprehension problems.

Brand image: May affect brand image if customers feel that the company is less personal and human.

 Advantages of a professional voiceover artist 

​✅  Human warmth: Can provide a human warmth, empathy, and emotional connection that an AI voice cannot.

✅  Flexibility: Can understand and respond to complex questions and requests better than an AI voice.

✅  Linguistic nuances: Can use specific linguistic nuances, slangs, and dialects that an AI voice may not be able to understand.

✅  Branding: Can communicate a company's brand personality and image better than an AI voice.

As a High Rated professional German Voice Over Artist with more than 20 years of experience and well-known clients, I deal with the topic of artificial voices and ai-voice generators consciously and intensively - not out of fear, but interest.



My offer:

With my voice and expertise

I help you to get your message

is heard,

sounds personal and human

and remains in the memory.



I also support you with conception,

texts and production.

Voice Over Artist Torsten Creutzburg

Torsten Creutzburg

 Let´s talk 

I can help you to give you, your company and your message that certain something.

Textually and linguistically. How? Let's find out during a free Meetup Call!

For detailed audio samples & references visit my


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