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AI vs. PRO

Wie können Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) und Sprachsoftware Dich und Dein Unternehmen voranbringen? 


Welche Vorteile und Nachteile haben KI bzw. AI-Sprachgeneratoren  im Vergleich zu einem/ einer professionellen Sprecher/ Sprecherin?


In welchen Bereichen ist eine KI-Stimme / AI-Voice sinnvoll und wann lohnt es sich, auf den Faktor "Mensch" zu setzen!?

KI und AI kills the Sprecher-Star?! Finden wir´s raus! 


 Hear the difference

​ (audios of same german text) 


 Pro AI-Voice 

✅  Availability: Can be available 24/7 and on demand, without waiting.

✅  Consistency: Can ensure high consistency in pronunciation and emphasis, resulting in a better user experience.

✅  Cost: Compared to a professional speaker, the cost is usually lower.

✅  Personalization: Can be tuned to the end user through machine learning to provide a personalized experience.

✅  Flexibility: Can be easily adapted to different languages and dialects, facilitating international use.

 Contra AI-Voice 

❌  Emotional Appeal: May not match the emotional appeal of a human speaker, resulting in a poorer user experience.

❌  Authenticity: May sound less authentic and natural than a human voice.

❌  Lack of flexibility: Cannot react as flexibly to unforeseen events as human speakers, which can impair the user experience.

❌  Intelligibility: May have difficulty pronouncing certain words or phrases correctly, which can lead to comprehension problems.

Brand image: May affect brand image if customers feel that the company is less personal and human.

 Advantages of a professional voiceover artist 

​✅  Human warmth: Can provide a human warmth, empathy, and emotional connection that an AI voice cannot.

✅  Flexibility: Can understand and respond to complex questions and requests better than an AI voice.

✅  Linguistic nuances: Can use specific linguistic nuances, slangs, and dialects that an AI voice may not be able to understand.

✅  Branding: Can communicate a company's brand personality and image better than an AI voice.

As a High Rated professional German Voice Over Artist with more than 20 years of experience and well-known clients, I deal with the topic of artificial voices and ai-voice generators consciously and intensively - not out of fear, but interest.



My offer:

With my voice and expertise

I help you to get your message

is heard,

sounds personal and human

and remains in the memory.



I also support you with conception,

texts and production.

Voice Over Artist Torsten Creutzburg

Torsten Creutzburg

 Let´s talk 

I can help you to give you, your company and your message that certain something.

Textually and linguistically. How? Let's find out during a free Meetup Call!

For detailed audio samples & references visit my


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