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     Consultant & Coach.

I help you to appear professionally in interviews or with your own podcast, to find your niche, to present yourself there as an expert and to place your message in a targeted way.

With 20+ years of experience as a presenter, reporter and professional voiceover artist, I know a thing or two about how to tell stories in an emotional and gripping way, how to work with the voice in a playful way, how to inspire listeners and how to make audio productions a listening experience.

Would you like to learn how?

My Services

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Everything new starts with an idea! 

This is especially true for podcasts. For years a continuous boom with more than 10 million listeners in Germany, podcasts are an effective and serious marketing tool. For you, too!


I help you...

  • turn an idea into reality

  • find a niche where you can shine with your expertise

  • find the right podcast format for you from the abundance of available ones

  • to appear confident at the microphone

  • with professional recordings on location or remote, mastering/post-production

  • publishing and promoting online and on social media

  • as well as in data analysis or cross-media promotion


The best interview is not an interview... but a conversation!

And that's more than just nice chit-chat, because each side pursues a conversational goal.



I help you...

  • to find your own goal 

  • to develop core messages

  • tell stories instead of just giving answers

  • avoid killer questions and develop creative firecracker questions

  • to bring questions and messages to the point

  • develop gripping success stories/ anecdotes

  • to counter skillfully

  • not to bore the listeners/readers and to take them along with you 

  • learn simple tools and exercises for relaxed conversations

  • ...and I will give you practical, useful tips for interview preparation and follow-up. 



Podcast-Production "Das Menschliche Klassenzimmer"

Kiel University - Institute for Pedagogical-Psychological Teaching and Learning Research

  • Conception, interview / moderation coaching

  • Recording, mastering / post-production

  • Distribution, web design, social media promotion

  • Data analysis, evaluations

Podcast-Coaching "Praxis Portraits"

Kiel University - Institute of Education, Department of Empirical Educational Research

  • Conception, Interview-Coaching

  • Mastering / Post-Production

         >> Praxis Portraits

several Audio-Productions

  • 20+ years of experience in broadcasting (public and private) 

  • Conception and implementation of promotion campaigns

  • Conception and implementation of infotainment content, such as creative moderations, reports, comedies

       >> Audiosamples 


My Help for Your Project

Let's just talk about an idea or project that I can help you with as a consultant or coach.

Briefly and without obligation.

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